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EPA: clear our parks and communities of air pollution.

National parks are home to some of America’s most epic wild places and cultural and historic sites. These places need clean air and a healthy climate to flourish. Yet air pollution and climate change are some of the most serious threats to the health of our parks today. According to our new study, 98% of national parks are affected by haze pollution.

The problems caused by air pollution include weakening the health of plants and animals and permanently harming ecosystems. Our study found that 96% of parks have air that is significantly affecting sensitive species and natural habitats. Moreover, air pollution is ruining scenic views and negatively affecting not only park visitors’ health and enjoyment but the health of communities across the country. 

The Regional Haze Rule, a program of the Clean Air Act, is one of our best tools to ensure clean air and clear skies for our parks and wilderness areas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the power to ensure clean air and clear skies for our national parks and wilderness areas and our communities across the country.

Urge EPA to ensure all states are held accountable for reducing air pollution emissions within their boundaries. It is time for strong regional haze plans in every state.

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